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SVR-20 V2

Sexual Violence Risk-20, Version 2

edition 2020

von D. R. Boer, S. D. Hart, P. R. Kropp, C. D. Webster

Paper and Pencil
Paper and Pencil
Introductory Kit includes: User’s Guide and 50 Worksheets
Artikelnummer: 4301301
475,00 €


Adults, 18 years to 65 years. Identifies risk factors for sexual violence


The SVR-20, V2 is an updated 20-item checklist of risk factors for sexual violence that were identified by a review of the literature on sex offenders.Based on the success of the original version, the SVR-20, V2 specifies which risk factors should be assessed and how the risk assessment should be conducted. Featuring an updated list of risk factors, the SVR-20, V2 remains empirically related to future sexual violence and is useful in making decisions about the management of sex offenders, is nondiscriminatory, and is comprehensive without being redundant. Appropriate for use in cases in which an individual has committed, or is alleged to have committed, an act of sexual violence, including pretrial release decisions, presentence assistance to judges, development of treatment programs at correctional intake, prior to discharge to assist in postrelease management, custody/access assessment, determination of need for a community warning, quality assurance or critical incident reviews, and education and training.


Available since 2020



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